Security System

Security System

Bizplanet Solution has been providing turn key security solution to for small to large enterprises in biochemicals, government, communication, educational and manufacturing sectors. Although the company is only two years old but our associates are professional in security line with many years of experience.

Customers working with us has not only rely on the supply of security equipment but also consult us on the design of security solutions. Below are the areas of service that we are focusing on.


On the head end camera side, we provide solutions for traditional analog black/white and colour cameras with Lens for wide angle applications and also those able to zoom-in to more than 100 times.

As technology advances, camera design is switching towards digital for its better features and mainly its potential to utilise IP network to transmit video stream across long distance. There are mainly two means for the conversion to digital technology. One way is to attach a digital video server to any existing camera so as to converts the analog video to digital stream. The other way is to use a IP camera which has the IP functions embeded. Both these types of product are part of Bizplanet offering to our customer.

Switching Equipment

Analog switching equipment, by far is still the fastest and stable switching technology that offers good quality images. This is not strange to Bizplanet as we are not only able to supply such products from multiple brands but also possess the skills to configure these equipment to integrate with other systems.

Digital Video Recorder (DVR)

DVR offered by Bizplanet utilises wavelet high compression technique that offer highest compression rate. Another vital feature that one will look in a DVR is its seaching scheme. Our DVR offers various searching method such as preview, index, backup and object search. Other features include motion detection, storage recycling, storage backup, remote viewing and configuration through IP networks.