Dedicated Micros

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Established for 30 years, Dedicated Micros (DM) is an international market leader in the field of specialist CCTV control equipment. The company is renowned for the design and manufacture of robust, dedicated, multiplex hardware designed to meet the demands of continuous 24-hour security surveillance.

DM’s success is rooted in the invention of the world’s first video multiplexer – a monitoring product which records continuous images from a number of cameras onto a single video cassette tape – the basis for today’s sophisticated CCTV security surveillance equipment.

NetVu Connected

NetVu ConnectedAcross the Security industry, interoperability is now seen as a key feature when customers are selecting a CCTV solution. Costs can be reduced and performance improved if the components of a system interact easily. Dedicated Micros has addressed this requirement by introducing NetVu Connected technology across its product range.

By using NetVu Connected products, installers and end users connect to real business benefits that offer guaranteed compatibility, reduced installation & commissioning time and ensure an ease of use that is unparalleled in the industry.

All products carrying the NetVu Connected mark provide seamless connectivity and scalability whilst offering integration and control from an intuitive user interface, irrespective of user location. Its focus on interoperability allows our customers to improve the efficiency of their CCTV solutions, allowing images to be distributed and accessed from any NetVu Connected product and viewed on any screen, from any moment in time anywhere in the world.

NetVu Connected links the world’s most successful security businesses, across a diverse range of applications, in the air, on the ground or on the move.

SD Advanced (Closed IPTV)

SD AdvancedA powerful hybrid DVR/NVR, the SD Advanced combines all the benefits of a DVR with the feature set of a high performance embedded NVR and offers multiple channels of IP and Analogue video, HDMI main monitor support, on-board analytics, help videos and Oracle Dome configuration.

The SD Advanced is a true hybrid DVR/NVR. Offering up to 32 camera connections in a combination of analogue or IP (including 3rd party IP cameras). Models in the series offer 8, 16 or 32 analogue camera connections, with the balance of the 32 camera connections being made up by IP camera streams – even higher definition devices such as megapixel cameras.

The latest generation SD Advanced includes powerful new codecs and the Turbo Mode feature that ensures maximum per camera performance. Enabling Turbo Mode can effectively double the units performance allowing real-time recording at double the resolution simply with the press of a button.

All SD Advanced models can connect to up to 32 cameras – offering a blend of analogue and IP connections. Each camera can offer realtime viewing, recording and playback simultaneously.


EcosenseDedicated Micros new entry-level DVR, provides low cost multi channel recording with simultaneous playback and viewing. The EcoSense can be accessed and controlled from the state of the art touch sensitive front panel or via a mouse or keyboard, giving the user full access to all the DVRs features including Telemetry control, Alarm and Event Management and Activity Detection.

Touch Sensitive Control Panel
With a state of the art touch sensitive panel, the EcoSense provides instant access to all its control options via its unique front panel interface.

Simultaneous Live Viewing & Recording
The EcoSense offers simultaneous live viewing & recording on all models to allow live monitoring without impacting recorded video.