Genius Vision Digital

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Genius Vision Digital (GVD) is founded by a group of experienced and passionate professionals who are dedicated towards developing and enhancing innovative IP surveillance systems for the protection and security of enterprise and public sectors. The core strengths of GVD can be defined with the following:

  • State-of-art system architecture design in both hardware and software (DOM and Time Sector Engine).
  • Modular software design for system scalability.
  • High quality integration and high performance computing platforms for mission-critical surveillance solutions, especially in the full HD and megapixel video market.
  • Open platform integration with leading camera vendors’, ONVIF and strand streaming protocol support.


GVD’s complete solution has proved its capability in deploying many large scale IP surveillance systems worldwide, including locations such as banks, hospitals, retail store chains, government buildings, casinos, and many more. The recent development in the Video Matrix and IP SAN storage further extends GVD’s leading position in the market of enterprise and multiple sites.

HD NVR Standalone

Bizplanet HD NVR StandaloneM90 / M109 HD NVR Mini

• Affordable and reliable IP Solution
• Best NVR for D1~3M camera installation
• All-in-One standalone full-featured HD NVR

M200 HD NVR Standalone

• Small NVR design for flexible recording storage
• Best NVR for D1~3M camera installation
• All-in-one full-featured HD NVR

M350 / M455 HD NVR Super Standalone

• One-Click front panel design: live video, pattern, tour and instant playback with shuttle
• Enhanced video decoding for multiple megapixel cameras with dual-monitor support (optional for M350)
• Pre-built 16, 24, 32 and 48 (M455 only) IP camera licenses without extra charge

HD NVR Enterprise

Bizplanet HD NVR EnterpriseM600 HD NVR Enterprise
• Server class rack-mountable chassis designed for enterprise, mission critical applications
• Redundant power supply to prevent any power failure
• Hot swappable HDD supports RAID 5, 6

M800 DAS Storage Server
• DAS server connecting to M600 HD NVR for storage expansion
• Enabling M640 HD NVR to support up to 176TB for long period of recording requirement
• High speed databus interface: SAS JBOD

M900 Failover Server
• N+1 protection to ensure no breakdown of service for any NVR
• Designed for mission critical applications, the stardby server will take over recording for breakdown NVR in 45 secs
• Automatic health checeking on all NVRs in the network 24 x 7

CMS & VMX Workstation

CMS & VMX WorkstationK 205 Switching Keyboard
• Easy video playback control without pc keyboard/mouse
• Intuitive 3-axis joystick for fast PTZ operations
• Powerful switching keyboard for entire IP video network – any cameras to any monitors

E300/D300 VMX Video Wall Manager
• Dispatches any IP camera video to any Video wall monitor
• Constructs and dispatches video display patterns/tours directly to any monitor from any management station
• Displays live video or recorded video simultaneously on any monitor

E90/E150/E200 CMS Control WorkStation
• VMS : for Multiple NVRs , IP cameras configuration via network
• Video Wall : Each Workstation supports 2 or 4 monitors to easily construct digital 2×2, 3×3, 4×4 large screens Video Wall
• Virtual Matrix : Optional USB based Switching Keyboard (K205 ) to assign any camera, any video to any screen