Network Optix

Network Optix is an enterprise video software development company focused on building powerful solutions to the problems of video and digital media transfer and display within any network or local machine environment.  Their technology enables the deployment of network HD video in the enterprise to near infinite scale. Enterprise Video as a Platform or “EVaaP”, powered by Network Optix, will enable an entirely new generation of enterprise video management and distribution applications, from surveillance to mobile to social media to the big screen.


HD WITNESS is an elegantly simple cutting edge new approach to managing HD surveillance video in the enterprise. The hyper-optimized architecture of this new video management platform provides unlimited scalability, automated device discovery and configuration, simplified setup and ease of use and the lowest total cost of deployment and ownership of any solution on the market today. Designed by leading professionals from the megapixel IP video industry, HD Witness addresses the primary obstacles and limitations of managing enterprise HD video.


The Extreme Video Environment otherwise known as The EVE Media Player™ is the first application built by Network Optix using our revolutionary new network media architecture.  The EVE Media Player is extremely powerful and its uses are bound solely by your own imagination.  It will play any type of video format you have.  Every container (or file extension type, i.e. .MOV, .3GP, .FLV, .MP4, .MKV) no matter how obscure or how old or new.  The EVE Media Player™ will play them perfectly every time.